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The health and safety of our employees and all the users of our facilities is of primary importance at all times, this is in addition to a way of operating where there is minimum impact on the environment. To ensure this, we maintain health and safety management systems, in addition to compliance with any applicable regulations.

The objectives are to:

  • Provide safe place of work and healthy working environments for our employees and users of the facilities.
  • Promote health, safety and environmental protection as an integral part of the duties of management along with the education of all employees.
  • Comply with all laws and regulations covering occupational health and safety and the environment.
  • Implement practices and procedures for the use, handling, storage and transportation of materials and substances and to eliminate chances of harming the environment.

  • Reduce and ultimately prevent injuries at work place by developing safe working practices, training employees in the practices and monitoring the results in each department.
  • Supply appropriate information, instruction and training to promote a high degree of awareness of health, safety and environmental concerns and the responsibility of each employee to prevent injury to themselves and others.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures designed to promote safe working practices and environmental protection and encourage healthy and safe operating conditions in all companies.

Through the following ways we try to contribute towards the sustainability of the environment


Going beyond the basics of ethical business practices


Embracing the responsibility to people and planet.


Strive to bring a sustained, collective value to our shareholders, our employees, our customers and our society.


Realize and understand fully the relation of our products and operations with the environment and to improve the utilization of resources that reduce the environmental impact while meeting our business objectives.


Expand certified products seeking customer base by making available the widest variety of certified products and reducing market price variance between certified and non-certified material to the maximum level.


Foster partnerships using environmental improvements that create cleaner safer neighborhoods.


Improve the environmental quality of our community by partnering with area businesses, community leaders and neighbors to work together to create a clean and safe place to live and work for future generations.


Arbros is continuously seeking for the outstanding people to join its team of professionals. Offering a work environment that, values experience and mutual respect between its staff and management. If you would like to become a part of our team, please send us your application at jobs@afrg.ae