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By constantly upgrading our product line, we try to address the various requirements of specific markets.


Newsprint – The quality of paper used mainly for the publication of newspapers. Available in the substance range of 40-59 GSM with various brightness (Standard or Hi-Bright) and shades to suite the requirement of the end user.

Lightweight coated paper (LWC) – A light weight two-side coated mechanical paper available with a substance range of 54 -72gsm. Used for publication and commercial printing.

SC Mechanical – Treated paper with improved smoothness and gloss; may be used in publication of magazines and newspaper inserts.

Telephone Directory – A light weight grade of printing paper: with good strength, high opacity and printability. Made from a mixture of bleached chemical, semi-chemical, CMP and recycled fiber and used for printing telephone directory.


Label Paper – One side coated paper usually suitable for varnishing, bronzing and punching and sometimes also feature wet strength. Available in 70-90gsm and may be used for labelling of bottles and other food items.

Bank Paper – A paper with high strength and age resistance, and is even suitable for a four color print. It can come with watermark and other falsification safeguards such as embedded metal strip and often contains cotton fibers.

Carbonless Paper – A special paper: that allows making multiple copies without the use of carbon layers. The paper transfers images when pressure is exerted on the dye enabling it to react and make copies. It may even be called NCR paper. It is available in Coated Front (CF), Coated Back (CB), Coated Front and Back (CFB) ranging from 50-56gsm with blue and black images.

Self-Adhesive Paper – Paper that is essentially used for labelling purposes: a grade of paper that has self- adhesive coating on one side and printable surface on the other. The adhesive side is laminated for protection, enabling the sheet to be printed with machines; subsequently the laminate may be stripped of when the label is applied (available with and without slit).

Synthetic Paper – The durable synthetic fiber papers are used for maps and highly important documents such as driving licenses or vehicle registration books.

Security Paper -It’s a high quality wood free paper contains identification features such as metallic strips and watermarks to prevent deception available in substance from 70-200 to manufacture bank cheques and security documents.


Art Paper (Coated Wood Free Paper): High quality printing paper and board with smooth surface, having coating on one or two sides, presented with surface finishes of Gloss, Matt and Silk available in the substance range of 50 to 400 GSM.

Bristol Card: Cardboards made with several sheets compressed together with matt coat for high printing finish, available in the substances ranging between 180 to 400 GSM in various colors.

Photocopy Paper: Dealing with our own brand manufactured from virgin pulp which is a multi-functional ream wrapped paper gives better results with many printing machines like laser and Inkjet printers, copiers or paper fax machines.

Offset Paper (Uncoated Wood Free Paper): The paper is available with highest degree of accuracy, clearness and quality; also known as book paper primarily suits for offset printing can be coated or uncoated. Substance range is from 50 to 120 GSM.

Color Paper: Colored Paper is available in sheets and reels. It’s a good option for office and home environments for bulk printing or copying. The paper is available in a number of pastel shades, giving the user a wide range of options, available in 75 and 80 GSM.

Available from various origins including Europe, North or South America and the Far- East Asia. Packing may be in form of both reel and sheets (BPOP, RWOP).