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Sheeting paper refers to taking the large rolls of paper that manufacturers supply and turning them into specific sized sheets for usage.

Slitting paper comprises cutting the long stock roll into thinner sections, which again is converting to your customized required sizes.

With the continuous changes and customized demand of customer, it is important that a job is done efficiently, keeping it competitive. Keeping in mind the time frame for delivering a job, it may be required that a specific size of paper is unavailable, therefore to assist our customers’ and ensure that they are able to meet their requirements, we offer them the services of conversion. Utilizing machines that can give exact dimensions that the client requires and help reduce costs and wastage. Our services include:

After the paper is slit, the new sizes can be rewound onto any size of core, including desired footage or diameter of a roll.

We focus on the essential need of precision in all the converting services, to satisfy the customer and be accurate with the dimensions, which comes through the experience, updated technology, machinery and tools. For more information on our paper conversion/paper sheeting services, please contact us.